It’s a kind of magic: Working effectively in remote teams

Our work situation has shifted in recent years. More and more of us are working in teams that are distributed across different locations, countries and sometimes even continents. It is not enough to learn to use online tools to communicate and collaborate with our team mates. Our teams now work across geographies, time zones, organizational boundaries, and disciplinary and cultural gaps.

Finding agreements, giving feedback, or simply discussing some work challenge, which used to be about the contents, can now become really complicated discussions ending in misunderstandings or even conflict. This new situation requires us to unlearn habits that had once served us well and adopt new cooperation processes.

Our interactive webinar series will look at different challenges of remote teams and each webinar gives concrete tips how to improve collaboration, engagement and performance within your team. The webinars are free and each will have space for only 30 participants.

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Next Webinar: Dealing with conflicts

Conflicts are part of any team work and human interaction. In this webinar we will look into basic principles of a mediation process as a way of dealing with conflicts over distance.

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Future Webinars

Dealing with conflicts in remote teams

Better virtual meetings

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Past Webinars

Critical Feedback in Remote Teams, December 15, 2015

Giving good feedback in a remote team can be quite a challenging task. We discussed how distance and cultural diversity have increased complexity, and gave tips how to deliver feedback virtually, and develop your feedback style.

Intercultural communication in Remote Teams, March 17, 2016

We discussed how cultural backgrounds influence the communication style of your team members, and shared a tool called start, stop, continue as a way to start a virtual discussion on cultural diversity to ultimately develop your own team culture.

Give Engaging Virtual Presentations, April 2016

In this webinar we show you how to improve how you present your ideas virtually, and how you engage your audience in the process. You can get the tips and lessons from this webinar in your email as a video course: Get it here!

Building Trust in Remote Teams, June 2016

This webinar took a close look at the concept of trust in teams and its importance for virtual collaboration. Can a team be productive without trust? What is trust? How do you make sure trust is established in your team?

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Meet the trainers


Juliane Neumann

Virtual-process design and facilitation
LinkedIn Profile Juliane Neumann


Hans Gärtner

Virtual organizations and remote teams
LinkedIn Profile Hans Gärtner


Stephan Dohrn

Remote team building and virtual office
LinkedIn Profile Stephan Dohrn

What others say about our trainings?

Some of the material seems obvious. But that’s the problem! We often forget or overlook the obvious. It’s very much worth the time investment.

–Training Participant

Radical Inclusion is also a virtual team. There is much experience in all areas of virtual work. They know about what counts in this specific collaboration environment.

–HR manager

I learned the power of using visuals instead of powerpoint text slides in an intercultural and distributed team context.

–Product manager

I had never thought it could be possible to hold a conflict resolution meeting virtually. After the training, I know at least that I will try.

— Department head, Global controlling

No big theories, but one or two plausible concepts that helped me structure the team development process in my global project team.

— Project manager

What else do you need to know?

Approach, Methodology

Each webinar last between 60 and 90 minutes and will be a mix of expert inputs and interactive exercises to anchor the knowledge. You will also receive handouts and we will give you exercises that you can do to transfer what you have learned into your day-to-day work.

Practical information, logistics

The Webinars will be hosted on Radical Inclusion’s Web Conferencing Tool (Zoom). You will need a high-speed internet connection, a computer with audio capabilities or a telephone; and a headset (headphone with a microphone).

It is advisable that you sit in a quiet and comfortable space for the duration of the Webinar, so you can fully focus.


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